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Being called a brewpub means we of course make all of our own beers. Our brewery is located right on site and is visible from the street level. We produce 750 litres of finished beer each brew.

We produce 3 types of beer; a blonde lager, a golden ale, and a red I.P.A. The brewing vessels consist of a hot water tank, mash tun, kettle, 3 fermenters, and 3 bright beer tanks. Finished beer is served from bright beer tanks directly to the beer taps at the bar.

The head brewer started home brewing in Vancouver Canada, in 1992. He then worked part time at a Vancouver micro-brewery before making his big move to Chamonix, France in 2000, opening the valley’s first micro-brewery.

We try to be as eco-friendly as possible at Le Solerey. Most of the used malt goes to farmers to feed their livestock. We also collect back, clean, and re-fill all of our beer bottles that we sell. We also try to not use aggressive chemical cleaning agents as much as possible.



A classic Pilsner, light and bubbly, brewed with extra pale malts, Herkules hops (20IBU), and fermented with a bottom fermenting yeast of Swiss origin.


Golden in colour, a malty, fruity, medium hopped beer, brewed with pale ale and Munich malts. 3 types of hops are used, Herkules, Mt Hood, and Cascade (35IBU). And fermented with a top fermenting English Ale yeast.


Red in colour, malty, roasted, fruity, and very hoppy. Brewed with pale ale, Munich, and roasted malts. Hops include Herkules, Centennial, and Cascade (80IBU), and fermented with a top fermenting American Ale yeast.