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Le Solerey was built in 1932, and was run by a local family for over 80 years, then in 2006, the Mairie of Les Houches purchased the property. The building was operated as a gite, bar, and buvet through the years, then in the 1990’s it had to close due to long overdue renovations, and because the primary person running the business was ageing. It went up for sale in 2006, and the local Mairie purchased the building with the intension of keeping it as a heritage building. To this day Le Solerey retains its status as a heritage building for the village of Les Houches to enjoy.

10 years later in 2016, along came the idea to renovate and transform the old building into a brewpub. In partnership with the local Mairie, we were able to strike a deal to renovate and reopen Le Solerey. The building was the perfect size and had a great location for a North American style brewpub. It took 18 months of hard work to renovate the entire property while keeping the original look and character as best we could. After being closed to the public for nearly 25 years, the new “Le Solerey Brewpub” reopened its doors once again to the public in June 2018. Of course we had to keep the “Le Solerey” name after 80+ years, honoring its history in our beautiful valley.